ISH Group

What is ISH… / What do we do?

ISH is a group of friends getting together to enjoy each others company, have fun, learn, and enjoy good food in the comfort of our homes each month.

The 2nd Saturday of each month we join together as a group at 6:30 PM at a church member’s home. It is a very social atmosphere, getting to know your church family outside of the church. Many strong friendships have and continue to be developed. It is, as our church is, a very friendly group of people.

We have a group lesson or fun exercises put together by Pastor Bob Warner, lasting about ½ hour to 1 hour, then we enjoy talking as we eat from the many dishes brought by attending friends. The food is always very good. We all have an enjoyable time each month.

During the summer months, June, July and August, we have chosen to continue our get-togethers. We do different activities, such as a restaurant night, Blue Rocks Baseball Night and BBQs. The summer activities are varied and are suggested by the group. So they may change each year.

We are a fun active group including all age groups from 20 ISH to 80 ISH. Now you know where the “ISH” comes from, as we have aged as a group, the ISH group has expanded. All are welcome. If you love good food, being around great fun-loving Christian people, we are here. This group has been active in this church for 30 plus years, having been started by our very own Pastor Bob. So if you like people, great conversation, fun activities and are tired of watching TV at home… or staring at the walls – JOIN US.

If you have any questions, feel free to call:

John or Anne Thomas (443) 350-2511

Church Office (302) 994-7466